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  • Grillfire Merrick 01 Exterior
  • Grillfire Merrick 02 Interior Bar
  • Grillfire Merrick 03 Interior Dining
  • Grillfire Merrick 04 Interior Dining
  • Grillfire Merrick 05 Bloody Mary
  • Grillfire Merrick 08 Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Grillfire Merrick 10 Grilled Chicken Sandwich French Fries
  • Grillfire Merrick Omelet and Home Fries

Sunday Brunch of the Week on Long Island: Grillfire in Merrick

Although Grillfire in Merrick may be known most for their excellent hamburgers (their own special blend, mixed for them by Main Street Meats), they also have a great Sunday brunch experience. Over the years we have frequented this popular spot, conveniently located on Sunrise Highway, to wind down the weekend and usher in the day of rest.

  • Umbertos Plainview 01 Exterior
  • Umbertos Plainview 02 Counter
  • Umbertos Plainview 03 Interior Dining Room
  • Umbertos Plainview 04 Chicken Roll
  • Umbertos Plainview 05 Grandma Slice
  • Umbertos Plainview 06 Bruschetta Sicilian
  • Umbertos Plainview 07 Veggie Sicilian Slice
  • Umbertos Plainview 08 Grandma Pie

Umberto’s Pizzeria in Plainview

Back in the day (mid-90’s) Caruso’s Pizza was the place to go for those kids growing up in the Plainview area. A lot has changed since that time. Waldbaums, the anchor store back then has transitioned to Fairway Market and Caruso’s is now known as Umberto’s Pizza of Plainview. Upon a recent visit we saw that although the name may have changed, the great pizza hasn’t.

  • Mi Tierrita 01 Exterior
  • Mi Tierrita 02 Interior
  • Mi Tierrita 03 Interior
  • Mi Tierrita 04 Interior
  • Mi Tierrita 05 Drinks
  • Mi Tierrita 06 Rotisserie
  • Mi Tierrita 06b Grill
  • Mi Tierrita 07 Steak
  • Mi Tierrita 08 Steak Rice Plaintains Egg

Quick In And Out: Mi Tierrita in Brentwood

With three locations across this island, Mi Tierrita in Brentwood envokes a Columbian feast. The rotisserie and grill at the front of the restaurant are pumping out chicken, steak and fish dishes galore; most served over heaping mounds of rice with sides such as plantains, avocado, egg and more. The mood is festive (there’s a full bar with frozen drinks and South American favorites) and the mostly spanish speaking staff and clientele are certainly appreciative of this taste of home. If heaping mounds of piping hot foods with excellent sides is your thing, then this is your new spot.

  • Big Daddys 1 Exterior
  • Big Daddys 2 Bar
  • Big Daddys 3 Dining Room
  • Big Daddys 4 Dining Room 2
  • Big Daddys Aligator Skewer
  • Big Daddys Crawfish 2
  • Big Daddys Crawfish
  • Big Daddys Jambalaya Fried Balls 2
  • Big Daddys Jambalaya Fried Balls

In Photos: Big Daddy’s in Massapequa Park

For our last regular segment on the wildly popular Restaurant Hunter on FiOS1 Long Island it was fitting that we sat down at Big Daddy’s in Massapequa Park for our proper send-off. With a New Orleans festive atmosphere we were able to enjoy the cuisine for this going away party.

  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow 01 Exterior
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow 02 Bar 1
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow 03 Bar 2
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow 04 Long Table
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow 05 Small Table
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Chicken
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Chips
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Guacamole
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Mango Margarita
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Shrimp Skewer
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Steak Closeup
  • Margaritas Cafe East Meadow Waiter

Maragarita’s Cafe in East Meadow

For years, Margarita’s Cafe in East Meadow (in the East Meadow Bowl shopping center) has been a staple of our dining experiences. Many people who live within a 5-10 minute range of this restaurant / bar don’t know that it is there, and that’s not such a bad thing. On weekend nights the wait for a table can top an hour; but at least the great bar is there to pop out an endless supply of margaritas and other drinks while you wait.

  • H2O 01 Exterior
  • H2O 02 Exterior
  • H2O 03 Interior 1
  • H2O 04 Interior
  • H2O 04a Interior 3
  • H2O 05 Lobster
  • H2O 06 Shrimp
  • H2O 07 Potato Wrapped Sushi

H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown

H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown is just one of many restaurants on Long Island owned and operated by the Bohlsen Restaurant Group, one of the premier groups in the area. Focusing on fresh seafood dishes in a wonderful atmosphere, H2O is doing for the north shore what Tellers and Monsoon are doing on the south shore.

  • Margarita Grille Exrterior 2
  • Margarita Grille Exterior
  • Margarita Grille Menu
  • Margarita Grille Salad with Chicken
  • Margarita Grille Skewers
  • Margarita Grille Tuna Salad

Margarita Grille in Westhampton Beach

With summer winding down we’re only a few weeks away from a quiet trip out east and a return to normalcy in the Hamptons. The village of Westhampton Beach, Main Street, especially, is a great spot to walk around, grab a bite to eat and explore. We stopped by Margarita Grilled recently for a mid-day lunch, sat outside on their deck and watched as pedestrians passed by.

  • JWs 1
  • JWs 2
  • JWs 3
  • JWs 4
  • JWs 5
  • Jws 6
  • JWs 7
  • JWs 8
  • JWs 9
  • Jws 10
  • JWs 11
  • JWs 12
  • JWs 13
  • JWs14
  • JWs 15
  • JWs 16
  • JWs 17
  • JWs 18
  • JWs 19
  • JWs 8

Sponsored Post: JW’s Public House in Glen Head

JW’s Public House, a relative newcomer to Long Island’s north shore, in Glen Head, is crafting something special in their corner of the world (or at least their corner on Glen Head Road). Offering a restaurant / bar atmosphere with a menu focused on providing some of the freshest seafood available, there are plenty of options here for diners to revel in.

In Photos: PRIME American Kitchen and Bar in Huntington

In Photos: PRIME American Kitchen and Bar in Huntington

PRIME American Kitchen and Bar in Huntington is one of those restaurants on Long Island that not only has that “wow” factor, but it also lives up to the hype with their wonderful cuisine served with a side of an even better view.

Red Fish Grille in Plainview (Updated – CLOSED)

Red Fish Grille in Plainview (Updated – CLOSED)

Red Fish Grille may not be as known as it should be, perhaps because it is attached to a strip of stores and is not a stand alone restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not serving top-notch seafood and other dishes to the Plainview crowd.

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