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Amazing Breakfast on Long Island: Relish in Kings Park

When Relish opened roughly two years ago in Kings Park, on Suffolk County’s north shore, owner / chef Stephen Cardello (formerly the chef at Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport) probably couldn’t have imagined its success and popularity with local foodies. Their weekend breakfast has been creating plenty of buzz in local circles and helping their cause is their location; on the corner of Main Street and also close to many of their suppliers. This has led to creative, fresh and seasonal fare.

Weekend Breakfast on Long Island: Mineola Diner in Mineola

Weekend Breakfast on Long Island: Mineola Diner in Mineola

Looking for that old 1950’s style diner setting to have your weekend breakfast served piping hot? If so, then you owe it to yourself to visit Mineola Diner in Mineola. Just like stepping back in time, the small restaurant is a nod to the past with tastes that are certainly in the present.

Brownstones Coffee in Amityville

Brownstones Coffee in Amityville

Every town on Long Island should have a coffee spot / cafe like Brownstones. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cup of expertly made coffee (or tea) and to indulge in some tasty breakfast foods as well. It’s a smaller cafe, so if you’re planning on staying for food on the weekends, be prepared for a short wait while the tables turn over; but it’s oh-so-worth-it.

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Landmark Diner in Roslyn

Landmark Diner has been a dependable source of all meals in the Roslyn area for many years. Just recently they moved their restaurant to a new building located just a few spots east of their old location (that old location is now sitting empty on the corner). We visited recently during the breakfast hours to snap some photos.

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