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  • Thyme 01 Exterior
  • Thyme 02 Upstairs Dining Room
  • Thyme 03 Bar Area
  • Thyme 04 Pond
  • Thyme 05 Omelete
  • Thyme 06 Crab Cake Sandwich
  • Thyme 08 Dessert Bread Pudding
  • Thyme 09 Cheesecake

Sunday Brunch on Long Island at Thyme in Roslyn

Sunday Brunch has always been one of our favorite meals. We’re constantly on the lookout for brunch spots that we feel confident enough to share with our readers and our friends. With that in mind, we stopped by Thyme in Roslyn, overlooking Roslyn Pond, to enjoy their decor and their cuisine.

  • Eddies 01 Exterior
  • Eddies 02 Bar Area
  • Eddies 03 Interior
  • Eddies 04 Bar Pie Pizza
  • Eddies 05 Pizza Thin

The Bar Pie: Eddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park

270 calories is pretty good for a slice of pizza these days. But what if that 270 calories was for an entire pie? If you visit Eddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park and order their thin-crust Bar Pie, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

  • H2O 01 Exterior
  • H2O 02 Exterior
  • H2O 03 Interior 1
  • H2O 04 Interior
  • H2O 04a Interior 3
  • H2O 05 Lobster
  • H2O 06 Shrimp
  • H2O 07 Potato Wrapped Sushi

H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown

H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown is just one of many restaurants on Long Island owned and operated by the Bohlsen Restaurant Group, one of the premier groups in the area. Focusing on fresh seafood dishes in a wonderful atmosphere, H2O is doing for the north shore what Tellers and Monsoon are doing on the south shore.

  • Rookies 1 Exterior
  • Rookies 2 Interior 1
  • Rookies 3 Interior 2
  • Rookies 4 Mozzarella
  • Rookies 5 Grilled Chicken
  • Rookies 6 Beers

Rookies Sports Club in Huntington

With football season nearing its kickoff, we’ve been wondering where to hunker down on game days while in the vicinity of Huntington. With Rookies Sports Club we’ve found our spot.

  • Rustica Boxed Pizza
  • Rustica Chicken
  • Rustica Exterior
  • Rustica Fire
  • Rustica Interior
  • Rustica Pan
  • Rustica Penne
  • Rustica Plated Gnocchi
  • Rustica Side View
  • Rustica Top View

In Photos: Rustica Brick Oven Cafe in Garden City South

Rustica Brick Oven Cafe in Garden City South is known for having amazing pizza, but they’re also heating things up with their Gluten Free menu; which includes a variety of pasta dishes and traditional italian favorites. Located on Nassau Boulevard, Rustica is changing the landscape of healthier, gluten free restaurants on the island and are catering to a whole section of diners who are diet restricted (all diners can enjoy their gluten-free options as they haven’t lost any of their taste). We stopped by to say hello and to photograph (and taste) some of their best dishes.

  • Cipollini Pronto Americana Sign
  • Cipollini Pronto Exterior Seating
  • Cipollini Pronto Exterior
  • Cipollini Pronto Interior
  • Cipollini Pronto Summer Roll

Inside and Out: Cipollini Pronto in Manhasset (Americana)

Cipollini Pronto may be the sister-restaurant to Cipollini, located just next door (they even share a kitchen), but to those looking for a quick coffee or a bite to eat while shopping, this is the perfect spot to relax, refuel and get on with your day.

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Sponsored Post: JW’s Public House in Glen Head

JW’s Public House, a relative newcomer to Long Island’s north shore, in Glen Head, is crafting something special in their corner of the world (or at least their corner on Glen Head Road). Offering a restaurant / bar atmosphere with a menu focused on providing some of the freshest seafood available, there are plenty of options here for diners to revel in.

Food News: Noodles & Company in Garden City Opening July 31st (and….they’re open!)

Food News: Noodles & Company in Garden City Opening July 31st (and….they’re open!)

With their first location on Long Island set to open on July 31st, Noodles & Company will bring their noodle goodness to The Gallery at Westbury Plaza on Old Country Road.

Hama Sushi in Plainview

Hama Sushi in Plainview

Our very first foray into sushi was way back around 1991 when Hama Sushi in Plainview was then known as Yamato. A lot of time has passed but one thing has stayed the same; this spot is continuing to pump out superb sushi and other Japanese cuisine.

In Photos: PRIME American Kitchen and Bar in Huntington

In Photos: PRIME American Kitchen and Bar in Huntington

PRIME American Kitchen and Bar in Huntington is one of those restaurants on Long Island that not only has that “wow” factor, but it also lives up to the hype with their wonderful cuisine served with a side of an even better view.

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