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Photo Tour: Restaurant Mirabelle in Stony Brook

Award winning, romantic, adventurous and revered are all ways that we can describe Restaurant Mirabelle, located inside the Three Village Inn in Stony Brook. Chef Guy Reuge has been the driving force behind Restaurant Mirabelle over the past years and this French cuisine juggernaut is always a formidable contender for Long Island’s best restaurant. We stopped by the restaurant for a quick photo shoot to capture what so many love.

In Photos: Post Office Cafe in Babylon

In Photos: Post Office Cafe in Babylon

The Post Office Cafe sits on historic West Main Street in Babylon just waiting for you to come in. It’s a building steeped in history; originally used as a post office and now a well known eatery and bar that is most popular after work and on the weekends. The Lessing family has poured their hearts and souls into this establishment and it’s only getting more popular through the years.

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