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Quick In & Out: Noah’s in Greenport

When we first met Chef Noah Schwartz he was at the helm of Seafood Barge in Southold way back in 2007(ish). Not too long after our first meeting at that location, they closed up shop and Noah decided to head out on his own. A few miles away in Greenport, the old Frisky Oyster bar location was opening up, so due to the collision of events, Noah decided to open up Noah’s in the heart of Greenport, on Front Street.

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Quick In & Out: The Frisky Oyster in Greenport

Stopping by on a whim, in the dead of winter, to The Frisky Oyster in Greenport was as unexpected for us as it was for them. The beloved Greenport restaurant is a mainstay in the sleepy North Fork village and Owner / Chef Robby Beaver, at the helm since 2010, has been the most recent curator of this wonderful location.

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In Photos: Kontokosta Winery in Greenport

Kontokosta Winery, a new addition to the North Fork’s great wineries, is a wonderful winery in a magnificent building. It’s steps away from the Sound and when you’ve ordered a glass or a bottle after your tasting, you can make your way to the picnic benches and Adirondack chairs that sit overlooking the Sound and take in the view.

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Lucharitos in Greenport

Off-season it may be tough to find a great drink spot that also serves up great food as well as a great atmosphere. In Greenport, near the end of the North Fork, it can get a bit quiet off-season, but that’s ok. When quiet isn’t what you’re looking for, Lucharitos will (usually) fulfill your need.

The Quiet East End Dining Scene

The Quiet East End Dining Scene

The east end is recovering from the crazy summer activity that revs up the weekend and nightlife activity. Now that it’s winter and the crowds are gone, the year-round residents can sit back and relax a bit, head out onto the open road and enjoy some of those finer restaurants that stay open throughout the slow season.

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