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Inatome in Valley Stream – Revisited

When we last visited Valley Stream’s favorite hibachi restaurant, Inatome, they were a few days away from their re-opening. Stricken by a fire on Halloween three years ago, they rebuilt better than ever. Although we had an exclusive photo tour of the restaurant, we needed to return to actually experience the food; and what a wonderful meal it was.

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Amazing Pizza Joints on Long Island

Pizza is an institution on Long Island and throughout the country we’re known as having some of the best-tasting options around. We’ve scoured through Long Island’s pizza scene to bring you four of our favorites; a variety of options no matter where you are located.

Behind The Scenes: Inatome in Valley Stream Reopening

Behind The Scenes: Inatome in Valley Stream Reopening

When Inatome suffered a fire on October 31, 2010, the entire structure was affected and we weren’t quite sure if they would open their doors again to the general public. That answer came to us a few days ago when we learned that after an exhaustive 15 months of construction and upgrades, Inatome is back, and better than ever.

Breaking News: XO Wine and Chocolate Bar in Huntington Suffers Fire

Breaking News: XO Wine and Chocolate Bar in Huntington Suffers Fire

We just caught wind that XO Wine and Chocolate Bar, located directly next to Classy Coffee in the Village of Huntington, suffered a fire that destroyed its kitchen on Wednesday, April 20th. We don’t know how long the wine bar will be affected and out of service, but we’ll send out an update once they are back up and running.

Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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