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Umberto’s Pizzeria in Plainview

Back in the day (mid-90’s) Caruso’s Pizza was the place to go for those kids growing up in the Plainview area. A lot has changed since that time. Waldbaums, the anchor store back then has transitioned to Fairway Market and Caruso’s is now known as Umberto’s Pizza of Plainview. Upon a recent visit we saw that although the name may have changed, the great pizza hasn’t.

Street Level: Cinelli’s in Oceanside

Street Level: Cinelli’s in Oceanside

Pizza places are a dime a dozen on Long Island (as are sushi and yogurt spots, among others), so this week’s Street Level series features Cinelli’s in Oceanside. Located on the corner of Davison Avenue and Oceanside Road, this is a convenient spot to pull in and eat in or take out. For those who wish to dine at home, they also have a fleet of marked cars waiting for delivery.

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