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Quick In and Out: Bialystok & Bloom in Rockville Centre

Sometimes you need a local deli / catering operation to get you through the day. If you’re near Rockville Centre, then you probably are aware of Bialystok & Bloom on Clinton Avenue, a local spot that has outlasted many restaurants that have come and gone.

  • Lido Brisket
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  • Lido Kasha Knish
  • Lido Soup with Kreplach
  • Lido Table

Lido Kosher Deli in Long Beach

Real Jewish delis are hard to come by these days. As Wally Goetz, the owner of Lido Kosher Deli will tell you, it’s a dying breed. Lido Kosher Deli is a hub of activity on the south shore. During our lunchtime visit there were streams of people coming in to take out and sit down at one of the best on the island.

Food News: Town Bagel of Plainview Gets a Redesign

Food News: Town Bagel of Plainview Gets a Redesign

Town Bagel of Plainview was our go-to lunch spot while we were growing up in Plainview back in the early 1990’s. Since that time its always had the same decor and design, a point that we always noticed on our recent trips there. That’s changing now with the just unveiled re-design of our favorite bagel spot.

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