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  • Mi Tierrita 01 Exterior
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  • Mi Tierrita 06 Rotisserie
  • Mi Tierrita 06b Grill
  • Mi Tierrita 07 Steak
  • Mi Tierrita 08 Steak Rice Plaintains Egg

Quick In And Out: Mi Tierrita in Brentwood

With three locations across this island, Mi Tierrita in Brentwood envokes a Columbian feast. The rotisserie and grill at the front of the restaurant are pumping out chicken, steak and fish dishes galore; most served over heaping mounds of rice with sides such as plantains, avocado, egg and more. The mood is festive (there’s a full bar with frozen drinks and South American favorites) and the mostly spanish speaking staff and clientele are certainly appreciative of this taste of home. If heaping mounds of piping hot foods with excellent sides is your thing, then this is your new spot.

In Photos: Chicken Coop in Valley Stream

In Photos: Chicken Coop in Valley Stream

An award-winning Colombian / Latin American restaurant is hiding in plain sight right there in Valley Stream, on Nassau County’s south shore. Located on Rockaway Avenue, Chicken Coop may not have any chickens running wild inside a wire cage, but they’re serving up some tasty cuisine from another part of this world.

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