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Wild Fig in Roslyn

We’re huge fans of Mediterranean cuisine and we’re also big on the concept of fast-casual, a genre that favorites such as Chiptole excel at all over the island. For years we have passed by Wild Fig on Northern Boulevard without going inside. If we had known that this location was a mash-up of all of those things that we love, we would have visited years sooner.

Roslyn, one of Long Island’s ritziest locations, located on the North Shore, isn’t exactly the first place that we would consider a fast-casual to be located. This particular location, on Northern Boulevard in a small shopping center that was constructed around 2006, is neighbors with a bank and various markets and high-end stores (Design Within Reach, for instance). The demanding clientele that is coming to this area and also living nearby expect to have great cuisine at their fingertips, and Wild Fig delivers in a casual way. Similar to Chipotle, you tell the server behind the counter what you would like on your dish, pay for it and then go sit down. There is no waitress service, so the cost is kept down on both sides. The restaurant can keep labor costs down with less waitstaff and the diner can keep costs down without the need for tipping after the meal.

This location is different than the other Wild Fig locations, the only one with the fast-casual dining model. The other locations on the island are sit-down restaurants with full-service. Choices here range from rice plates, salad bowls and flat bread sandwiches. Diners can choose the type of meat or falafel and the veggies that they would like as well as a choice of bulgar, couscous, hummus, etc. It almost seems as though diners can enjoy an endless variety of meal options each time they visit, which is the fun part. Visit often and never order the same thing twice.

Wild Fig
1085 Northern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576

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