The Hideaway in Ocean Beach, Fire Island

The Hideaway in Ocean Beach, Fire Island

Hidden amongst the 2-for-1 happy hours, freezer-burned fried clams, and pizza joints in Ocean Beach is a gem where delicious, creative food can be enjoyed alongside the lapping waves of the Great South Bay. Eating at The Hideaway will make you joyous that you found (and were admitted to) this “hideout” of epicurean delights.

While everyone has their undisputed favorite lobster roll on LI, the one found at The Hideaway may give yours a serious run for the money. Sweet, soft chunks of lobster meat were lightly tossed with mayo, basil, salt and pepper to create a lobster salad that is unlike any other we’ve tried. It was topped with plenty of crisp, smoky bacon and nestled between two slices of rosemary-infused foccacia bread. Several of us ordered this dish, which was good, because after the first bite it was clear that none of us would have shared (even for the sake of scientific reviews!).

Lobster Roll

We also shared an order of the shrimp-stuffed baked clams. These were broiled crispy on the outside and filled with moist chopped clam stuffing done in the traditional way, with a surprise inside: a whole succulent shrimp awaited us at the bottom of the clam shell. The 2 clams were quite large, making this appetizer a nice main dish for those with a smaller appetite.

Shrimp Stuffed Baked Clams

The Hideaway’s Croque Monsieur was so authentic that we had to look around and make sure we hadn’t been transported back to Paris. What a pleasant surprise to be on Long Island and finally find a place that “gets it right”, the way it’s supposed to be. Toasted homemade bread with a hint of sweetness surrounded the ham and gruyere cheese, while the bechamel sauce created a creamy pool hidden beneath even more melted gruyere. There wasn’t a dry spot on this sandwich, and that’s how it should be.

Croque Monsieur

Simple food done the right way, with a splash of innovation – this had us singing the praises of the chef and we weren’t surprised to hear that during dinner and all day on weekends there is a long wait to get into The Hideaway. We, too, would be willing to wait on a long line to taste food this good again.

The Hideaway
781-85 Evergreen Walk
Ocean Beach, NY 11770

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