Street Level: Cinelli’s in Oceanside

Street Level: Cinelli’s in Oceanside

Pizza places are a dime a dozen on Long Island (as are sushi and yogurt spots, among others), so this week’s Street Level series features Cinelli’s in Oceanside. Located on the corner of Davison Avenue and Oceanside Road, this is a convenient spot to pull in and eat in or take out. For those who wish to dine at home, they also have a fleet of marked cars waiting for delivery.

The dining area is small, but the turnover rate is high. There is waitress service to go with the counter area and if you get there early enough, you can sneak to a table and sit down and eat.

Our only experience dining at Cinelli’s was a positive one. The pizza was fresh, having been made just a few minutes before and their pasta dishes were expertly prepared. They have daily specials as well that will add a few great dishes to their large menu. What Cinelli’s lacks in size inside, they make up for in taste. We’ll give this one 3 out of four “MMMMMS”.

156 Davison Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572
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