Maroni Cuisine in Northport

Maroni Cuisine in Northport

For each restaurant there’s a key piece of information that someone should be kind enough to tell newcomers. For some restaurants it’s the fact that the establishment engages in BYOB. For others, there are “don’t miss” specialties that you’d be a fool not to order. So we’re happy to share with you a key piece of information for one of Long Island’s finest restaurants, Maroni Cuisine, and it is simply this: Skip Lunch.

Our recent Friday night visit to Maroni Cuisine involved a show-down between Maroni’s 23-course tasting meal and the stamina of our stomachs. We’re happy to report that everyone came out a winner. If you haven’t been to Maroni’s yet, you should know a few additional things… First, the food is excellent, inspired, and never-ending. Second, it’s one price fits all – pony up $125 a head and you will be served more food than you can handle in addition to a bottomless glass of wine or beer (eat earlier and you can shave a few dollars off of that price). Third, you will be squeezed into a tight space, but you won’t care because your mouth will be so distracted by the culinary delights dancing upon it. Fourth, although you’ll leave vowing to never eat for the next two days, you would be wise to take whatever handouts they’re giving as you head towards the door (our first trip was a jar of Maroni’s sauce & a scrumptious round foccacia; our second trip it was divine garlic pizza-bread). And lastly, the menu is never, ever the same twice which means you’ll never get bored.

And now sit back, relax, and enjoy the food montage:

Potato chip with caviar & creme fraiche and a shot of creamy lobster bisque

Green quail eggs & ham

Chinese dumplings

Lamb osso bucco

Cold seafood platter with snow crab legs, oysters and shrimp

Bone marrow with toasts

Grilled t-bone lamb chop with toast

Thai spring rolls with snow crab and shrimp in panko

Baby baked stuffed clams

Memphis style ribs

Japanese-style yellowfin tuna with seaweed

Truffled grilled cheese explosion / Sicilian seafood salad

Mama Maroni’s meatballs

Butter-poached lobster & potato puree on a spoon / Lobster salad atop a Serrano ham chip

Chicken Milanese with fresh mozzarella and a sweet balsamic reduction

Homemade spaghetti pomodoro, Tuscan style

Fish piccata with lemon sauce & crispy capers

Kobe cheeseburgers with tater tots

Four other savory courses for which there are no photos: Chef’s secret spring roll (it was delicious, but we’re not going to spoil the surprise), lamb egg roll, grilled Brazilian pink shrimp, and a Philly cheese steak egg roll. Yum!

Dessert: creme brulee, chocolate mousse with marshmallow topping, marshmallow lollipop, mini ice cream cookies and more!

Although it looks like a lot, you will only enjoy one exquisite bite of each dish before the whirling dervishes of servers present you with a new delight. No palate fatigue here!

Maroni Cuisine is a small but cozy restaurant with an irreverent, casual feel to it except when it comes to the food – that, dear readers, is exalted and every bite is perfect. We walked away from our feast with the feeling that we had just been a part of something special and we can’t wait to go back. As for those readers who got a stomach ache just reading this review, there’s always a smaller lunch service or those famous Maroni’s meatballs for takeout.

Maroni Cuisine
18 Woodbine Avenue
Northport, NY 11768
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