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Lucharitos in Greenport

Off-season it may be tough to find a great drink spot that also serves up great food as well as a great atmosphere. In Greenport, near the end of the North Fork, it can get a bit quiet off-season, but that’s ok. When quiet isn’t what you’re looking for, Lucharitos will (usually) fulfill your need.

Granted, our visit to Lucharitos was on a sleepy Sunday night in late October. It was nearing closing time and there were only a handful of customers who were dining in or taking out. The bartenders, along with owner Marc LaMaina, were holding down the fort and slinging their great drinks behind the bar. Had we arrived earlier in the night we would have had a different experience altogether, but with a quiet restaurant, we were able to sit down, order a Margarita and make friends with the staff as well as our fellow revelers.

Lucharitos’ mascot is a suited up wrestler from the art form of Lucha Libre, which is popular in a number of South American countries. Known for their outfits and the outlandish story lines, Lucharitos is just as colorful as its namesake. The best part of the restaurant are the homemade Margaritas and Mojitos. Using fresh lime juice, fruits and alcohol, there really is no better place to enjoy a drink to relax. One of the bartenders was naming the drinks as he was creating them, each with a different and fun moniker. “The White Tornado” might have been thrown around once or twice during the evening. The jukebox (censored until 11pm, to remain kid friendly) was a fun addition and had our new friends enjoying the beats until closing time.

We loved Lucharitos and can’t wait until we can return again. Hopefully it will be on a Sunday night when Jess, our new favorite bartender will be working the bar and fixing us some great libations. In the interim, we’ll point everyone over to her website, where she creates and sells awesome baked goods, local on Long Island.

119 Main St.
Greenport, NY 11944

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