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Inatome in Valley Stream – Revisited

When we last visited Valley Stream’s favorite hibachi restaurant, Inatome, they were a few days away from their re-opening. Stricken by a fire on Halloween three years ago, they rebuilt better than ever. Although we had an exclusive photo tour of the restaurant, we needed to return to actually experience the food; and what a wonderful meal it was.

When Inatome went through their fire, the decor was certainly different that what it is today. Now a trendy hibachi and sushi den, it was one of the last vestiges of old-school, asian restaurants on Long Island. We knew it for its older decor as much as we did the food. At Inatome, it was always Throwback Thursday. A new generation oversees the restaurant nowadays and with that came a more modern sensibility for design. Among the more interesting aspects of the restaurant are the hoodless vented tables, where the fumes that one would normally experience while dining on hibachi are shuttled across the table and down, as opposed to above the diners. This feature, at its installation the first on Long Island, leaves diners smelling fresh when they leave.

Hibachi is just the beginning at Inatome. A sushi bar is producing some of the finest quality sushi on the south shore. We shouldn’t treat the sushi at Inatome as an after-thought. The sushi bar, albeit quite small and tucked away neatly, should be on everyone’s list to experience as a full meal. If you happen to be early for your reservation at dinner, you can also order a drink from the bar and settle into their lounge area, in the front of the restaurant.

Now that we’re upon the Anniversary of the legendary Inatome fire, we’re happy to see that instead of closing shop that they’ve rebuilt and are stronger than ever. In terms of hibachi, Inatome is on a short list of Long Island spots that we’ll continue to frequent for years to come. Thinking of each meal as dinner and a show, Inatome always leaves us entertained (and quite full).

6 5th Street
Valley Stream, NY 11581

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