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In Photos: Kontokosta Winery in Greenport

Kontokosta Winery, a new addition to the North Fork’s great wineries, is a wonderful winery in a magnificent building. It’s steps away from the Sound and when you’ve ordered a glass or a bottle after your tasting, you can make your way to the picnic benches and Adirondack chairs that sit overlooking the Sound and take in the view.

The winery’s building may look like a barn from the outside (and it was planned that way), but this new LEED Certified building is hiding an industrial wonderland on the interior. With clean lines and minimal furnishings on the interior, the sun-draped space is modern, light and airy; a perfect place to try a variety of their wines.

Having owned this parcel of land for quite some time, there are two Kontokosta brothers who own and manage the winery. Michael is on site daily and actively involved while Constantine is an engineer in NYC who also designed the building on the land. The fact that they’re placing their last name on every bottle of wine shows their commitment to the quality and product that they are sending out to their customers as each bottle is a direct representation of their family. Roughly ten years ago, before the winery was a thought, they planted vines to provide fruits to others and it is that foresight that is paying off in dividends as they can now call upon those same vines to produce their own product, collected and processed on site.

On our trip we were lucky enough to meet up with Michael and head into their basement processing area where the fermentation tanks and the barrels are held. Straight from a barrel we tasted a Cabernet Franc that had a few months to go before it was bottled. It was a great experience to have and one that we will remember for quite some time (and it was delicious).

We’re not wine experts, and we never have claimed to be. For superior analysis and commentary on the local wines we can point our readers over to our friend Lenn Thompson, of The New York Cork Report. They’re the experts and can go into a great detail and depth for all of the local area wineries. As of this writing they haven’t reviewed Kontokosta, but we hope to see it in the future.

An amazing experience in a wonderful setting, Kontokosta will most likely be the Long Island’s North Fork wedding destination for 2014. With that waterfront location that can’t be rivaled by any other winery on Long Island, this should prove to be a popular spot for a long time to come. In the meantime, we can continue to visit them regularly to enjoy some of their wonderful varietals with an unrivaled view.

Kontokosta Winery
825 N Rd.
Greenport, NY 11944

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