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Food News: Ponte Mollo Replaces Vespa Cibobuono in Great Neck

When we last visited Vespa Cibobuono in Great Neck, owner Marco Mollo had recently purchased the restaurant from its previous owner. Fast forward almost a year and Marco has taken the restaurant, a Northern Italian masterpiece and transformed it into his own; Ponte Mollo. Placing his own stamp on the space, formerly known to those driving on Northern Boulevard for its Vespa continuously parked on the sidewalk, Marco can now continue to grow his expanding fan base of local diners and those looking for a wonderful italian night out.

We’ve learned that the Great Neck dining scene can be a fickle one, so this next year will be crucial to Ponte Mollo. If they survive this cold winter, good things are sure to come in the spring and summer. “Ponte” in italian means bridge, so it’s a fitting name for a restaurant that is transitioning to its next life as a Long Island Italian superstar.

*All pictures above are from before the change to Ponte Mollo

Ponte Mollo
96 Northern Boulevard
Great Neck, NY 11021

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