Cirella’s Restaurant in Huntington (Saks at the Walt Whitman Mall)

Cirella’s Restaurant in Huntington (Saks at the Walt Whitman Mall)

Shopping can be hard; walking around the mall endlessly, looking for that perfect outfit or accessory for a night out on the town or for every day use. Saks Fifth Avenue, especially, is a mecca for high end couture. If you’re going to exert all of that energy shopping for their high-end wares, you’re going to need a worthy refueling station with top quality cuisine.

Saks Salad – Sans Dressing or Cheese

Walt Whitman Mall has seen a bit of a resurgence in the past decade or so. On Long Island, there used to be Roosevelt Field Mall and that other mall. Reorganizing, redecorating and adding high end stores such as Saks, Suffolk County residents don’t need to travel far any longer to shop their favorite stores in a great environment.

Cirella’s, which is owned by the father and son team of Sal and Dean Cirella, has been an active restaurant group in the Melville area for quite some time. With this cafe as an outpost, it’s a logical location with a built-in consumer base. The menu is eclectic; with made-to-order salads, sandwiches (closed-faced and open-faced), wraps, burgers, sushi and eggs. We ordered the Saks Salad, consisting of Mesclun Greens, Apples, Dried Cranberries, Candied Walnuts, Crumbled Garganzole and Honey Mustard Vinigrette (we ordered ours with no cheese and the dressing on the side). Feeling good about our exemptions and conservative use of dressing, it was a healthy option to keep us going throughout the day.

Plain Yogurt with Rainbow Sprinkles – $3 Extra After Lunch

Along with Bloomingdales, Cirella’s at Saks offers frozen yogurt at their cafe. The three flavors of the day were plain, chocolate and strawberry (the non-fat option of the group). The yogurt was served in a coffee cup and topped off with our selection; sprinkles. At a price of $3 since we had dined in the cafe, this was the perfect end to a great lunch. The plain yogurt had that tangy taste to it that you would expect from a Pinkberry or red mango yogurt. The size was good as well; we couldn’t finish the last quarter of our dessert but didn’t feel overly stuffed.

Cirella’s will be our spot when we’re shopping in the Walt Whitman Mall. Since there is no food court (which we’d avoid anyhow) and the other restaurants on the mall property are all national chains, we can feel better about supporting our local restaurateurs, the Cirella’s family. Next time you’re around and shopping, check them out.

Cirella’s Restaurant Safks Fifth Avenue
Walt Whitman Mall
230 Walt Whitman Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746
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