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Food News: Malverne Based Company Seeking Kickstarter Backing For S’Mores Collection

“The First Thousand Campaign”, a Kickstarter Project by Malverne based Western Origins is seeking to raise $2,000 to kickstart their product line of S’Mores in bite-sized chunks.

S’Mores, that perfect campfire treat are a classic mix of graham crackers, chocolate and gooey marshmallows. This product looks to take the fire out of the equation while leaving the taste in-tact. As of this writing they have $395 of the proposed $2,000 committed with 14 days to go on the campaign with the hopes of 1,000 bags of this delectable snack to be made.

Will they make it? Only time will tell, but we can assure you that we’ll be backing the project and we hope that helps to bring this product to the market sooner.

Picture from Kickstarter

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