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Notable Opening: Sushi Ko in Merrick

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Sushi Ko was so new that the first two times that we dined there that they hadn’t even yet printed up their menus for takeout. We arrived during the soft opening of the restaurant, a time that normally gets all of the kinks out of the wait staff and perfects the recipes and presentations of the cuisines at hand. Surprisingly, Sushi Ko performed at a level that screamed more “we’ve been at this for years!” than “we’ve only been open for days.”

Notable Opening: Chipotle in Great Neck

Notable Opening: Chipotle in Great Neck

One of our favorite non-fast food fast food joints has to be Chiptole. Known for their fresh cuisine that is cooked in front of you (there’s no bag opening here), they’ve been growing steadily over the past few years. If you’ve wanted some in western Nassau County, you’ve had to travel to either Carle Place or Uniondale, which for some can prove to be quite inconvenient. Starting December 15th that all changes. The newest location to open its’ doors is located in Great Neck at 44 Great Neck Rd.

388 New American Cuisine in Roslyn Heights

388 New American Cuisine in Roslyn Heights

Inventive New American Cuisine is not something that we’re seeing a lot of these days on Long Island. To sit down to a meal and be so content by what you’ve just eaten is almost falling off the map. That’s why when we were done with our meal at 388 New American Cuisine for a recent television shoot we were not only stuffed, but entranced by this new spot’s take on classic dishes.

Hummus World in Roslyn Heights


By Stacey McDevitt, Suffolk County Correspondent

As much as I love my career as a private chef, there are times after cooking numerous meals for 7 different palates that I just crave something quick and simple for lunch.  So on one of my travels to and fro Suffolk to Nassau I discovered this great little spot.  Hummus World,  located near the train station in Roslyn Heights is such a find.  It’s a postage stamp size of a place with a husband and wife team that keeps things interesting.  She’s the cook and he’s the personality behind the register, that if you ask nicely he’ll let you try the sour pickles.  On any given day there is a mixed clientele of students from the high school up the street, to businessmen and locals.  And the occasional adventurist like me. 


Let me first start off by saying I love falafel, but these are no ordinary ones.  These crispy chickpea critters are flecked with coriander seeds and green tinted from parsley.  But it is also what is stuffed into the pita that makes them special.  Weighing in at a pound and a half, yes I actually weighed it, I had to sit was so heavy.  Is a mix of the smoothest hummus, crunchy carrot and red cabbage lightly pickled, an "Israeli Salad" of tomatoes and cucumber, topped off with homemade hot sauce if you like and believe me, me like!!  There’s also a sampling of vegetarian appetizers like eggplant baba ghanoush or platters with chicken shwarma, a highly spiced kosher chicken cooked on a spit much like a gyro.  Then shaved off in tender slices.  There’s also homemade soups "depending on Esters mood" as the menu reads, but its an experience just to dine here, if there’s a table inside grab it or a spot outside under the umbrellas or if you have time take it to go and head for a nearby park in Roslyn and enjoy the view.  Anyway you choose it’s a tasty spot for a delicious bite to eat. 


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