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Liki Sushi in Amityville

By Dina Shingleton, Suffolk County Correspondent

What’s better than a sushi restaurant opening within walking distance of your house?  A sushi restaurant that actually serves decent sushi, with attentive staff, and trendy atmosphere within walking distance to your house!

OK, so maybe Liki Sushi in Amityville isn’t within walking distance for everyone, but ample parking and it’s location on Merrick Rd make it the perfect go-to spot for a bite after work when you’re too tired to cook.

Last night my husband, two year old daughter (yes, they’re kid friendly too), and I sat down in a private booth with beaded curtains and chowed down.  We started out with the Jalapeno Yellowtail appetizer.  Certainly a nod to the famed dish at Nobu, it was just spicy enough without going overboard.  The yellowtail was just slightly too thick, but maybe I’m used to the paper thin shavings at Nobu that seem to melt away.  Of course, Liki doesn’t charge Nobu prices, so to hold them up to that standard is probably unfair.

We ordered Edamame as well, mainly for Maddie (our two year old).  If you haven’t yet given some to your little one, give it a try!  Maddie pops ’em like candy!  A miso soup and a bowl of white rice rounded up Maddie’s meal.  We dump about half the rice into the soup and let her have at it.  She thinks it is delicious, and we’re happy to oblige!

The husband and I tried some sushi rolls.  I had the Fire Dragon Roll (spicy tuna, cucumber on top with tuna, avocado, and spicy wasabi sauce) and a Negi Hamachi roll (yellowtail and scallion).  The Fire Dragon Roll was done well.  Not too much rice, excellent texture, and not too cold (I don’t like eating ice cold sushi).  My only complaint was that for a roll called Fire Dragon it didn’t seem that spicy.  Fire Dragon is a pretty dramatic name, and I was expecting dramatic spice.  It fell a bit flat, but nothing extra wasabi couldn’t solve.

My husband had the standard spicy tuna roll and a Boston roll.  He said both were rather tasty.  I tried his spicy tuna and thought it lacked spice, but he didn’t agree, so maybe I was just having a bad taste bud day.

All in all I think Liki Sushi is a great go-to sushi spot.  I know we’ll certainly be back either to dine-in or to take-out.

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