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YOLO Yogurt in Roslyn

Sure, it may be consistently below freezing now and for the past few months, but where others see a reason to stay home and sit in front of the fire, we see an opportunity to get out and try new and exciting yogurt shops. Who else in their right minds would want freezing desserts on a freezing day? We may be in a minority, but we’ll enjoy every chance that we can get. YOLO Yogurt in Roslyn is slower than normal due to the weather conditions, so this is your time to pounce. In the summer months we often have to wait on long lines to pay while our yogurt melts, but this time of year, that is not an issue.

What we like about YOLO Yogurt is that it’s not a chain; it’s a self-serve yogurt shop that is run by an actual person and not a corporate juggernaut such as Red Mango or Pinkberry. It’s self-serve, so you get to choose your cup, your variety of flavors and then you can place all of the healthy or unhealthy options on top. It’s a pay per ounce affair, so take what you wish to pay for and nothing more. If yogurt isn’t your thing, they also have a freezer full of Gelato waiting to be scooped into your cup (that’s not self serve).

The setting is refreshing; set in an old storefront on Old Northern Boulevard, so while you’re enjoying that frozen delight in the colorful interior it’s a great juxtaposition to elegant and classic exterior that this part of Roslyn is known for.

YOLO Yogurt
1355 Old Northern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 200-9191

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