Weekend Breakfast on Long Island: Mineola Diner in Mineola

Weekend Breakfast on Long Island: Mineola Diner in Mineola

Looking for that old 1950’s style diner setting to have your weekend breakfast served piping hot? If so, then you owe it to yourself to visit Mineola Diner in Mineola. Just like stepping back in time, the small restaurant is a nod to the past with tastes that are certainly in the present.

Mineola Diner Exterior

Out of place in modern day Mineola, the look and feel of Mineola Diner is different than anything else in the neighborhood (ok, maybe not so much different than Biscuits & BBQ, but it is certainly unique). It’s a reminder of times that were simpler; guided by breakfast staples that were meant to give you fuel to get you through the hard work day, but now it’s more about the experience of sitting with a few friends or family or perhaps sitting alone, reading the paper and having a little quiet time while ingesting your first meal of the day.

Mineola Diner Interior

In the mornings your best best is to get anything egg or pancake related. For good measure, order up a side of bacon to go with that main course. Almost everything coming out of the kitchen is accompanied by thinly cut slices of it, so we wouldn’t want you to be left out of the crowd. The food flies out of the kitchen quickly and is has to – there’s a large breakfast crowd packed into a small space – things have to be expedited to keep the flow.

Mineola Diner Eggs and Bacon

If you’re in Nassau County and you want to try something a little different – something that can live up to the expectations, Mineola Diner is that spot. We need more breakfast spots like this on Long Island but given the charm and character of the old decor (make sure you spot all of those old items from the 50’s – Happy Days included), this may be one of the last of a dying breed.

Mineola Diner Eggs and Fries

Mineola Diner Happy Days

Mineola Diner Pancakes

Ok Toots

Mineola Diner
138 Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501

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