Photo Tour: Grace’s Marketplace in Greenvale

Photo Tour: Grace’s Marketplace in Greenvale

When we used to live in the city back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, we lived a block away from Grace’s Marketplace on 71st and 3rd on the Upper East Side. A few years after we made our way back to Long Island we noticed that a new marketplace was being built in Greenvale. When we saw the Grace’s signs go up, we knew that Long Island was in for a wonderful treat.

What used to be our every day morning and evening stop in the city has now been transported to a large-scale spot on the north shore. Greenvale, just next to Roslyn, has some of the island’s pickiest residents who know what they like and won’t settle for anything less. We’re pretty confident that Grace’s is satisfying all of their customers.

Graces Exterior

A marketplace with departments for everything, Grace’s has both raw foods and prepared meals. The seafood area is filled with fresh seafood available by weight or by count. The butcher counter is just as lively with selections such as Kobe Wagyu, Porterhouse, Rib Eyes and more just waiting to be taken home.

Graces Exterior2

Sushi, breads, vegetables, fruits, dairy and housewares are all accounted for, so there really is nothing that can’t be had from Grace’s Marketplace. Some of the finest purveyors can be found on their shelves and if you can visit without walking out with a bag-full of items, we would be quite surprised.

Graces Interior

Graces Interior 2

Graces Cafe

Graces Dairy

Graces Display

Graces Fish

Graces Steak

Graces Kobe Beef

Graces Pasta

Graces Salmon

Graces Sushi

Graces Veggies

Grace’s Marketplace
81 Glen Cove Rd.
Greenvale, NY 11548

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