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  • Bistro25 05 Pork Belly
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In Photos: Bistro 25 in Sayville

Michael Turner and Brian Shuren oversee all aspects of the operation at Bistro 25, a casual and refined bistro located in Sayville, on Long Island’s south shore. With an interior on the smaller side, the bistro packs as much flavor and creativeness into its dishes as they do diners on any weekend night. We hit them up on a quiet weekday at lunchtime to take in the vibe and capture the essence of their culinary magic.

Did we mention that each entree is under $20? That’s an affordable night out for a table of any size. During our photo shoot we were snapping a quick succession of menu items ranging from land-locked treats and fresh seafood. Of all of the choices, our favorite sampling was of the Braised Pork Belly small plate. Tender and juicy, this was a great choice to start off any meal.

Bistro 25
45 Foster Avenue
Sayville, NY 11782

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