Hudson’s on the Mile in Freeport

Hudson’s on the Mile in Freeport

When Freeport, along with the rest of the island, was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, the damage caused to Hudson & McCoy was enough to set into motion a chain of events that led to Hudson & McCoy to be evicted and a new tenant to come to the table. Enter Hudson’s on the Mile.

Hudsons on the Mile Exterior

A new restaurant headed up by owner Butch Yamali (also owner of Sands at Lido, Malibu Shore Club and Coral House on the island), Hudson’s on the Mile picks up the pieces where Hudson & McCoy left off. They’re an indoor/outdoor restaurant with a great bar atmosphere and a nice vantage point of Woodlceft Avenue, otherwise known as the Nautical Mile.

Hudsons Outdoor Bar

Hudsons Lobster Rolls

A menu that is heavy on both seafood and sushi, we dined on a variety of lobster offerings (including lobster rolls and lobster tacos). Our visit was on one of the hottest days yet in the summer and with that, our sushi quickly heated up when delivered to the table. Hudson’s on the Mile, while excelling in their seafood and American options (really loved those lobster tacos), scored a little less favorably in their sushi offerings. We found that although enjoyable, it was the weakest portion of the meal.

Hudsons Mussels copy

With summer now in full swing, this is a great spot to enjoy the outdoors and watch Freeport come back to life. There’s valet parking for those who are dining in and will get their parking validated (or you can drive all the way south, by the water, to find a spot as we did). With a new restaurant, things are never perfect, but given the force of nature that Hudson’s on the Mile was born out of, we can afford to give them some leniency and some of our business.

Hudsons Tacos

Hudson’s on the Mile
340 Woodcleft Ave.
Freeport, NY 11520

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