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H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown

H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown is just one of many restaurants on Long Island owned and operated by the Bohlsen Restaurant Group, one of the premier groups in the area. Focusing on fresh seafood dishes in a wonderful atmosphere, H2O is doing for the north shore what Tellers and Monsoon are doing on the south shore.

If you’re not familiar with the Bohlsen Restaurant Group, they’re operating some of the most unique spaces on the island. High-end dining at its finest, H2O is just one of many popular destinations in Suffolk County that they have their hands on. At H2O, diners are experiencing dishes that have seemingly just arrived from the sea. We’ve dined on both the shrimp and grits and a lobster sushi roll that was wrapped in shredded and fried potatoes – all pictured above. The quality of the ingredients is evident at each step of the way.

On the interior there are three different areas to enjoy the cuisine. To the left of the entry is the bar area, where diners can bide their time while waiting for a table. Off the bar area is a smaller dining room, comfortably fashioned for a more intimate experience of dining. The main dining room is the most casual and open area of the restaurant. Booths line the walls while there are tables in the middle. It’s in the entryway to this dining room that the sushi bar is located to satisfy your sushi and sashimi needs. Outside a lounge area awaits to enjoy food and drinks.

As far as dining on Long Island, one can never go wrong when dining at one of these fabulous locations. Each time that we have visited we have left full and satisfied.

H2O Seafood Grill
215 W Main Street
Smithtown, NY 11787

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