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Amazing Breakfast on Long Island: Relish in Kings Park

When Relish opened roughly two years ago in Kings Park, on Suffolk County’s north shore, owner / chef Stephen Cardello (formerly the chef at Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport) probably couldn’t have imagined its success and popularity with local foodies. Their weekend breakfast has been creating plenty of buzz in local circles and helping their cause is their location; on the corner of Main Street and also close to many of their suppliers. This has led to creative, fresh and seasonal fare.

Closed Mondays, and only open until 3pm on Sundays, Relish is more than what one would expect from the inconspicuous exterior. What may appear to be a normal diner sitting on Pulaski Road is actually home to some of the best eggs, pancakes and milkshakes this side of the East River. The weekends are buzzing with activity and there will be a line at times; but that’s ok, because the wait is well worth it. Diners will leave stuffed and satisfied; something that is not so easy to obtain these days.

Utilizing various local suppliers (local farm fresh eggs, fresh apples from the orchard a few minutes away, etc.), Relish is stepping up local cuisine. During our visit to the restaurant we spotted both apple pancakes and pumpkin pancakes flying out of the kitchen. One only has to look at the amount of waitstaff in the restaurant to see how popular it is. We saw employees decked out in Relish t-shirts everywhere we looked and moving furiously throughout the restaurant. That’s a sign of a busy restaurant that covets service as well. Relish is unique and we hope that they keep up their cuisine and their reputation as one of Long Island’s best.

2 Pulaski Road​
Kings Park, NY 11754

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